We provide a full-service Elder Law practice, which includes advice and representation in the related areas of:

  • Estate Planning

  • Probate/Estate Administration

  • Guardianship

Estate Planning

The Trott Law Firm can satisfy your basic estate planning needs, specifically where neither spouse anticipates a taxable estate. In these cases, a basic estate planning package will be sufficient to meet most situations. We will draft your will or trust so that your estate passes to your heirs in a manner consistent with your wishes. We will also prepare incapacity planning documents, being the Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney with HIPPA Release, and Appointment of Guardian in the Event of Future Incapacity or Need, so that trusted persons are designated to make important financial and health care decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity. In addition, if you desire, we may prepare a Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates—also known as a living will—to ensure that end-of-life medical treatment decisions are carried out according to your specific wishes. For further information regarding Estate Planning, please contact us.

Probate/Estate Administration

At The Trott Law Firm, we have the experience and understanding required to open a decedent's estate and represent the executor or administrator under either dependent or independent probate administration, including the following duties:

  • Providing all statutory notices to creditors and charities

  • Marshaling, valuation, and appraisement of estate assets

  • Classification and satisfaction of debts

  • Handling and resolving claims against the estate, including probate litigation

  • Selling real property out of the estate

  • Preparing and filing accountings as required by the court

  • Completing the distribution of assets to children of the decedent and other heirs, legatees, and beneficiaries under the will, and funding any testamentary trusts


The Trott Law Firm has over a decade of experience with the difficult issues involved in the appointment of guardians to look after the financial or medical affairs of minors and incapacitated persons. Ryan C. Trott is certified by the State Bar to serve as an attorney ad litem to represent the interests of a person for whom a guardianship is proposed. More often, however, we advise and represent persons who believe that a guardianship is necessary to protect the interests and assets of a vulnerable loved one. Guardianship most often applies in cases involving: an elderly person who no longer has the capacity to make responsible financial or health care decisions, a minor who has received a substantial inheritance or gift in his or her own name, or a disabled minor who has attained the age of majority, but who cannot assume adult responsibilities with respect to his or her own affairs. For more information regarding Guardianship, please contact us.


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