At The Trott Law Firm, we focus on providing practical solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Generally speaking, our practice is limited to estate planning, probate and guardianships of minors and adults.

More specifically, we strive to assist you in identifying and achieving your basic estate planning needs. Additionally, we guide clients through the difficult processes of probate and guardianships. Likewise, we assist you in tackling the challenging issues involved when a lawsuit arises out of a probate or guardianship case.

Because our practice is devoted exclusively to estate and probate matters, we have the knowledge and experience in these areas to assist you with everything from simple wills to potential litigation of estate and probate disputes. We do not view our relationships with our clients as one-time transactions. We are here to assist you as your family and property grows and changes. Our goal is to be constantly vigilant to insure that you are getting the maximum benefit from our services.

Whether you need an estate planning attorney or an estate administration lawyer; whether you are drafting a will, navigating a relative’s estate through probate, establishing a guardianship for an aging parent or disabled minor, or you are involved in a dispute that is headed for litigation; working with us means always having talented and skilled professionals who know you, and more importantly whom you know and trust to work for you.

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