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Protecting Those Who Matter Most.

The Trott Law Firm is a boutique Elder Law firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our firm represents a clientele who are transitioning into some of the most important stages of their lives.

Our Mission:

Assisting and advising individuals and families with their Estate Planning and simple to complex Probate, Estate Administration or Guardianship issues.

A few things we’re great at:

We are selective on which cases we handle in order to give the care and attention necessary to satisfy our clientele. Our most common Practice Areas are:


Estate planning is one of the most important steps any person can take to make sure that their property and health care wishes are honored, and that loved ones are provided for in their absence.


Probate is the legal process through which a decendent’s estate is properly organized and distributed to his/her heirs and/or beneficiaires


Estate Administration is the process by which a decedent’s estate assets are marshalled, protected, claims by and against the estate are dealt with, ending with final distribution to the heirs/beneficiaries.


A legal, Court-established relationship between a person who is incapacitated (Ward) and a person or entity appointed to help the incapacitated person (Guardian). However, Guardianship is not always the best option and our firm will always first consider other less-restrictive alternatives to Guardianship.


Ryan C. Trott

Ryan C. Trott has been practicing in this distinct area of Texas Law for over two decades. He is well known by his peers, clients and the legal community as a knowledgeable, zealous, yet very fair advocate. Over the years, Mr. Trott has been consistently appointed on simple to complex matters by both Statutory Probate Courts in Tarrant County due to his significant experience in a wide range of matters typically handled in any Texas Probate Court. He is also commonly engaged by private individuals who are aware of his reputation or who have been advised by prior clients. 


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